The Importance of Public Comment

Many of us in the working class are in a constant repetitive cycle that makes up our daily lives. It is challenging to insert time-consuming things into our schedule when there is already so much on the plate. With that, public comment's importance and power must become not only a priority for those of us who want to see change.

It must become a habit or task like brushing our teeth or walking our dogs. Something reoccurring and scheduled so that our public servants know what we want to see and realize we are paying attention. Without oversight, questioning, and a little bit of social pressure, our local officials will continue to give us the business as usual when we want real change. It is time for No More Business as Usual; the demand must be loud and clear.

For our Corpus Christi City Council public comment, I recommend you download and save this form to your computer's desktop; this makes it easy to find when you need to submit the form. After you fill this out, save it and send it to the city secretary's email address ( Also, I recommended to copy and paste the form's contents into your email body to ensure it is received.

If you have any questions, please email me at

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