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I was born in Western Colorado, on a mountain about 25 minutes from Grand Junction.  My dad built our home from the ground up, with only the help of his brothers.  We hauled our water in a tank on the back of his truck, which we filled from a plant that drew the water from the Colorado River.  We would haul the water and fill a cistern under our house.  Our electricity was solar, and so we appreciated all the sunny days that we were blessed with in Western Colorado.  

My Sophmore year my dad moved our family to a ranch in Eastern South Dakota.  He raised buffalo and had invested in a large ranch with the plan to move his herd there.  The youngest of five children, I was the only one left at home when we moved.  I went to high school in a small town called Estelline South Dakota, where I experienced what winter really was.  My graduating class was 30 students, and at the time was the largest graduating class of the town's history.   

After high school, I moved back to western Colorado, if only to escape the cold and reunite with family. I attended college part-time at Colorado Mesa University and also began my career in Retail Management.  I was able to spend a lot of time with my grandmother, who was the most influential person in my life.  She was the head of admitting in the ER of our local hospital in Grand Junction.  In January 2011, she fell ill and passed away.  This was a devastating shock and inspired me to do something drastic and change my path. 

I moved to Corpus Christi 9 years ago, having spent most of my life there in Western Colorado, and high school in Eastern South Dakota.  I wanted to go somewhere with fewer winter months, and so it was the climate that brought me initially. My father had purchased some property in the downtown area, and when he told me about it, I was compelled to pack up all of my belongings and see what South Texas was all about.  I fell in love with Corpus Christi, and most especially District 1. 


I have lived in the district the entirety of the time I have lived in Corpus Christi and have seen many ups and downs.  The decisions of city officials seem to more and more, to reflect the will of the industry, not the prosperity of the people. To leave important environmental, and fiscal decisions in the hands of those who refuse to listen to their constituents will not bring progress.  Instead, we must elect leaders who not only listen but learn as well. 

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