"No more business as usual."

"I have spent the last nine years living in downtown Corpus Christi, and although I have seen many positive changes I know that a more human-focused City Government will bring progress to our city and stop the frivolous spending."  
Advocate for our Environment –
  • I will help conserve our natural resources not destroy them. We do not need Desalination Plants instead we need to live within our means to protect our bays and environment so we can preserve our way of life.

  • I will help develop and support green ordinances for our City. We need to incentivize reducing the use of plastic bags, and Styrofoam cups to keep our city clean, and our storm drains clear.

  • I will request an internal audit of the Parks and Recreation Department to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of our parks and beaches here in District 1. We also need to make sure our Parks and Recreation employees are professionally trained, properly equipped & compensated. I will seek new ideas from the community for better use of our public spaces.

Create a plan to reduce homelessness - 
  • District 1 is home to several of our City’s shelters and programs that aid citizens who are in need.  We need to continue to partner with and support those programs but we need innovative solutions as well. The City’s Homeless and Housing Division should be expanded to lead the way.

  • We will expand workforce opportunities for low income & homeless community members by creating new opportunities that will be accessible and provide the needed training.

  • I will work with public and private entities to improve public health and hygiene within our district by providing more options for restrooms and shower facilities.

Minimize the stray animal population in the district - 

  • I propose that the Animal Care Services Department begin to transition from the Corpus Christi Police Department and become its own department (like in San Antonio).

  • We need to establish stronger partnerships with local shelters and community groups within the district to open the lines of communication, make a workable plan, and get these animals off the streets.

  • I will request an internal audit of the Animal Care Services Department to ensure the employees are being professionally trained, well equipped, adequately staffed, and paid a living wage.

Expand the economy to benefit the community, not industry - 

  • The industry must pay taxes or impact fees

  • I will encourage and welcome small businesses, and free-market companies like rideshares, air BnB, delivery services, etc. 

  • I will focus on smart growth for the Downtown & North Beach area and listen to the stakeholders in these areas.

  • I will invest in the infrastructure we already have and improve it instead of expanding to undeveloped areas. 

Improving & Utilizing Our Public Commons and Infrastructure -
  • I will encourage and garner community involvement and programs to help the City keep our parks and beaches clean. 

  • Accessibility to resources in the district has a significant impact on the economy. I will add sidewalk improvements for District 1 to a robust street repair program so that we have a city we can walk, bike, or drive safely. 

  • We need to put the vacant buildings and lots in the district to use by providing incentives to the landowner to do so.